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Indo pH Calibration Solutions - Used for the calibration and storage of pH meters, probes and pens

Indo pH Calibration Solutions - Used for the calibration and storage of pH meters, probes and pens

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Developed for the grower that wants accurate pH readings and control of plant health.

pH Calibration Solutions (pH 4.0 & 7.0)

Indo’s pH calibration buffer solutions deliver value and provide an accurate pH reference. These pH calibration buffers can be used with any pH instrument: meters, probes, pens, etc. and are versatile for any application.

Electrode Storage Solution (ESS) 

Indo’s pH electrode storage solution was developed to keep your pH probe in top performance and extend its life. The life and performance of pH electrodes are reduced significantly when they are stored dry and you never want to store a pH probe in clean water. Indo’s pH electrode storage solution is made for use with most pH probes. For best results, always store your probe in this solution when not using it.

Calibration Instructions:
Note: The pH calibration solutions are used “as is”, no dilution is necessary.  Always start with pH 7 then move to pH 4.

  1. Pour out a small amount into a clean cup or other secondary vessel.
  2. Rinse off pH probe, pat dry with a paper towel, and immerse in fresh Indo pH calibration solution.
  3. Gently swirl the probe or solution then allow the measurement to stabilize for 60 seconds prior to beginning calibration.
  4. Once the pH meter has completed its calibration remove the probe, rinse it off, and pat dry again.
  5. Move to the next pH calibration solution, measure samples, or return the probe to the storage solution.


  • Do not freeze
  • Store at room temperature or slightly cool, out of direct sun and heat.
  • Do not do measurements or calibrations directly in this bottle.
  • Always pour out a small amount of this into a small cup for use.
  • Keep container closed, only open to pour out.
  • Do not return solution to this bottle.
  • Always calibrate your meter with fresh solution and begin with pH 7.0.
  • Always rinse and pat dry the pH probe between solutions.
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