Indo pH Control Supplies

To maximize plant growth, the pH content of your nutrients should be slightly acidic.   

Using Indo pH UP and DOWN helps the grower moderate and maintain optimum pH levels. The pH scale is a measure that describes the relative acidity or alkalinity of a solution or medium. Both pH-balancing aids are manufactured using the highest-quality ingredients: potassium hydroxide to raise pH, and phosphoric acid to lower the pH levels.

Experienced growers consider the ideal pH for most crops to fall between 5.5 and 6.5. Users of Indo nutrient products generally do not experience problems maintaining the proper pH range because our formulas are pH buffered.  However when poor quality water or pH unstable media, such as rockwool and gravel products, are used or when the nutrient mix is destabilized by high plant growth rates pH adjustment will be required.  

Indo’s pH calibration buffer solutions deliver value and provide an accurate pH reference. These pH calibration buffers can be used with any pH instrument: meters, probes, pens, etc. and are versatile for any application.