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Easy Root Cloning Kit - Germination Tray & Dome, Heating Mat - Temp Controller

Easy Root Cloning Kit - Germination Tray & Dome, Heating Mat - Temp Controller

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Clone like the pros with Indo’s Complete Germination Kit!

This kit includes everything but the lighting to clone your favourite strains easily and with high success rate.


1 – Germination tray + 7” Vented Humidity Dome

1 – Heating Mat & Temp controller

1 – Easy Root 50g Rooting Hormone Powder

1 – Max Grow 100mL

1 – Spray Bottle 500mL

1 – Pruning Scissors, teflon 3" blades 

1 – 10mL Measuring Cylinder + 3mL Pipette/Dropper

Cloning Tips:

We prefer using Grodan rockwool cubes so will use this method for example but any mediums can be used. For lighting we recommend fluorescent bulbs or LED with 6500K colour temp (high blue)

10 steps to successful cloning:

  1. Mix Max Grow solution: 4mL Max Grow / 1 Gallon (3.78L) Water. For best results pH balance to ~ 5.5. Make a batch large enough for soaking cubes plus foliar spray!
  2. Pour some mixed solution into a cup and dip the cube into the solution for approx. 10sec until well saturated. Dip each cube or if doing a lot use a bowl to soak many at once
  3. Pour Easy Root powder into a small shot glass or other small cup – only dispense a small amount as it is not recommended to pour back unused powder back into the bottle.
  4. Plant cutting should be clean cut at 45 degree angle – dip into the Easy Root powder covering 0.5-1” of the cutting end and insert into the cube. Repeat until all cuttings planted.
  5. Foliar spray cuttings with Max Grow solution
  6. Place humidity dome on the germination tray with vents closed. Place germination tray on the heating mat and set temp controller. Most plants including Cannabis will do best around 23 degrees
  7. For light schedule there is various opinions on this but we typically will set at 24hrs on for the first 48hrs and then 20hrs on / 4hrs off until transplanted
  8. Keep vents closed for 24hrs and then open the vents 50%, open fully after 48-72hrs
  9. Foliar spray is very beneficial as the leaves are the only way the plants can absorb nutrients until roots exist however avoid overly wet leaves. When foliar spraying remove the dome, spray the plants and then leave the dome off for and 30-60mins to allow the plants to absorb and then place the dome back on
  10. Check the cubes daily and ensure moist if dry re-dip the cube in the Max Grow solution until roots and ready to transplant

Happy Cloning!

If any questions reach out to the Indo Grow Team for support. 


Tray: 11" x 21"

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