2 in 1 Grow Tents

The Indo 1680D grow tent is the best quality grow tent you will find on the market today.

These 2 in 1 models allow the home grower flexibility to start their seedlings and vegetation in one area and flower plants in the other area.  Or can be used for greens and micro greens in one area and larger fruiting plants in the other section.  How you use it is up to you, they just give you more options.

Search and compare – 1680D ballistic nylon is a super tough basket-weave synthetic and one the most durable available.  With grow tents this fabric is rarely used due to the extra cost. At Indo Products we do not reduce quality for cost – 1680D is best you can buy and that is all we sell.

All Indo products listed are tested by our Vancouver, BC production team to ensure we deliver only the best for your indoor growing needs.

Any question, just ask – always here to help!