Getting a head start on Spring gardening

Late March or early April is a good time in most parts of the country to begin planting seeds for bigger plants that would grow throughout the growing season such as tomatoes, chilies, and flowers.  As the ground temperature warms up you can eventually take the flowers and other plants out to your garden bed. 

Once the soil is warm enough to plant seeds outdoors, you’ve already missed some growing time. By starting seed flats indoors in your grow space, you can have seedlings ready to transplant by the time the weather and soil warms up.  We recommend using a heating mat for your seed flats (such as this) to ensure robust starts.  

Also when growing indoors, greens, such as herbs, lettuce and spinach, are especially well-adapted to growing indoors in pots during the cold season.  Snip the largest leaves individually with scissors as you need them and let the younger leaves keep growing.  You can get several salads over several weeks out of one 12-inch-wide pot growing lettuce.   Indoor hydroponic systems go a step further to provide a sophisticated growing system for year-round vegetable harvests. (check out our HydroBox lettuce here on Instagram)

For indoor growing all year round we highly recommend this 2 in 1 complete grow kit.  It provides a space for different plant types and environments depending on the growth stage of the plant: Complete Grow Kit - 2 in 1 Veg and Flower Room - 4x3 Tent with 800W CREE COB and T5 Lights

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