How To: Grow Cannabis with Indo Complete Grow Kits

6 Easy Steps to Growing Cannabis

Indo Products how to grow cannabis

1.    Indo Complete Grow Kit

The Indo Complete Grow Kits provide all hardware required to set up a simple but effective indoor grow system - producing big results with minimal effort.

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Included with the Indo Complete Grow Kit:

  • Grow Tent - 1680D EXTRA THICK Fabric
  • COB LED Light - Full spectrum grow light
  • Exhaust Fan – Sizes from 100 CFM to 460 CFM
  • Charcoal Filter – Sizes 8” to 20” (4 or 6” duct connection)
  • Clip Fan (4-6”)
  • Ducting and clamps
  • Timers and power bar
  • Light Hangers and mounting straps


2.    Set up the Grow Tent

The Indo grow tent is the enclosure your plants will grow in.  The purpose of the tent is to control growing conditions for your plants as well as ensure good light exposure, keep smell in, and bugs out.  Within the tent you will control the light cycle as well as temperature and humidity using a ventilation system.  The tent is made up of a tubular frame with poles connected by push button locks. The fabric wraps around the frame and zips up. No tools are necessary for assembly providing a fast and simple set up.

**NOTE: Most grow tents on the market are 600D fabric – Indo only supplies 1680D which is a very thick and durable material compared to thinner/cheaper materials sold. Check material specification when shopping around.

1.  Frame assembly

2.  Wrap fabric around frame and place tray in the bottom


3.  Finish wrapping tent around frame and zip up tent

3.    Install Grow Kit Components

Power bar – We recommend installing a power bar inside the tent on a rear corner pole near the top of the tent.  The power bar cable should exit the smaller electrical hole and plug into a nearby receptacle or extension cord.

Fan & Filter – Based on our testing we have found the ideal set up is to hang the filter using the included straps on one side and the fan on the other secured with mounting straps provided. Wrap the ducting around the front connecting the fan and filter with clamps provided. There are typically multiple exhaust holes in the tent (likely on the right, left, and top) to choose from. If following our recommended set up, the exhaust duct will exit through the top hole as seen in the picture below.  The fan can also be on the outside of the tent but ensure that the carbon filter is always on the inside as you want to remove smell prior to exhausting air.

Intake Air – Rectangular vents are located at the bottom of the tents and include a screen to prevent bugs from entering the growing space. Keep at least 1 vent open to allow fresh air to enter.  If ever pumping air in ensure that it is filtered.

Clip Fan – Mount the clip fan a rear corner pole located above the open intake vent to help circulate fresh air throughout the tent as the exhaust pulls air out.  Do not point fan directly on plants but direct air at an opposite wall to encourage good circulation.

Timers – Plug the timers into the power bar and set the on/off timings as described in the vegetation and flowering stage instructions below.  Plug in fan to one timer and light into another.

Light – Centered in middle of the growing space. Light hangers are used to suspend and adjust the height of the light as the plant grows.

Below is an example of how the fan and filter would be installed:

 Fan and Charcoal Filter installation


Next are examples of how the fan, filter, and light look in the tents:

Fan filter and Indo CREE COB LED Light


4.    Plant Nutrition: Determining Feeding Schedule

For the first-time grower the different options on what to feed your plants can be overwhelming.  There is no shortage of nutrient options in the market today but if you take a closer look you will find some are poorer quality and many with over-hyped claims.  There are many very expensive options which include 7-part or more nutrients to feed your plants which can be time consuming and prone to error.

At Indo we have developed the Easy Grow System plant nutrients.  If you want an easy and straightforward feeding system, then try the Indo Easy Grow System with MAX Nutrients.

Designed for simplicity, the MAX Nutrients 3-part system provides a complete start to finish system in a very easy to follow schedule without needing to add any other additives.  The Easy Grow System can be used in soil, soilless and hydroponic gardens.

MAX Grow – Grow + Micro all in one bottle!

Save money with Indo’s MAX Grow solution.  No need to buy separate grow and micro nutrients.

Indo’s MAX Grow was designed for simplicity in mind.  Our MAX Grow concentrate can be used with flowers, vegetables, trees, shrubs, and houseplants.  One solution provides all the macro and micro nutrients your plants requires to develop strong roots and high-quality flowers, fruits, and vegetables. 


Indo’s MAX Bud has been developed to boost the flower and fruit production in plants.  Adding MAX Bud provides increasing levels of phosphorus and potassium during the growth of the plant producing larger, heavier, and denser flowers.

MAX Minerals

MAX Minerals contains secondary macronutrients calcium and magnesium as well as micronutrients iron and boron in a humic acid solution helping to strengthen plant cell structure and rooting.  The humic acids are chelating agents assisting in rapid nutrient uptake.  Healthy plants will be more resistant to disease and help boost growth and flower production. Use in combination with Indo MAX Grow and MAX Bud premium plant nutrients.


  • Start seedlings in a smaller container. We like to use a solo cup with holes in the bottom.  Once the seedlings are growing vigorously, then transfer to a larger container.
  • Do not overwater - wait until the top of the growing medium is dry about an inch deep (up to your first knuckle – just use your finger to poke a hole in the soil and see if it feels dry).
  • Feed daily or every other day. Target to feed equal to plants consumption – start with 1 cup and increase as plant consumes more throughout the growth stages
  • If your plants are very small compared to the container they’re in, give water more sparingly until plants get bigger.
  • pH balance nutrient solutions between 5.8 to 6.2 for best results.
  • Keep mixed nutrients in a cool dark place and never allow to freeze.

Below is the Indo Easy Grow System feed schedule that you can follow throughout your plant growth stages.

Indo Easy Grow System Feed Schedule

Download the worksheet here

5.    Grow Cannabis

1.  Add Seedlings or Clones

We recommend purchasing seeds or clones from a seller.  Follow the seller’s instructions on how to germinate and plant seedlings.

Recommended number of plants per tent:

  • 24” x 24” up to 4 plants
  • 36” x 36” up to 6 plants
  • 48” x 48” up to 12 plants
  • 60” x 60” up to 20 plants


  • Don’t overcrowd the tent. All plants need high light absorption to maximize growth and yield.
  • More plants can require more maintenance. For less maintenance go with less plants to start and work up.
  • Soil or hydroponics? If you have no experience we recommend start with soil or coco coir to learn the basics first. But if you want to get your feet wet (pun intended) with hydroponics feel free to read up on it and make sure you are monitoring and adjusting for pH
  • With soil it is recommended to use a fast drainage indoor potting soil or coco coir

 Below is an example of four 3-gallon pots in a 24”x 24” tent.

2.  Vegetation Stage

Light ON: 18 hours

Light OFF: 6 hours

Light to Plant Distance: 12-18”

Temp Lights ON: 22-28 oC

Temp Lights Off: 17-23 oC

Humidity: 40-70% RH


The duration of the vegetation stage can vary but in general it should be 2-3 weeks when growing indoors from when the clone or seedling is planted. The best indicator is height, if the flowering stage is triggered late the plants will become tall and crowded in grow tents.  When a plant is triggered to flower it can grow up 2x in size over the next 2 weeks depending on strain.

To determine the vegetation stage maximum height, you will start by measuring the top of the plant pot to maximum height of the light (A). The subtract 6-12” (B) as this is the closest you will want your plants during the flowering stage – this will be your maximum plant height (C).  Divide the maximum plant height by 2 and you get your vegetation stage maximum height (D).  Below is a graphic example of the measurements taken, note these measurements will vary based on setup so make sure you measure this yourself.  Note that it is recommended to research the strain to better understand it’s growth requirements. 

 Indo Plant Growth Guidance


Cannabis Training

Growing cannabis indoors has vertical space constraints.  A cannabis plant that is trained to grow short and wide takes full advantage of indoor grow tents and lights – producing the best yields.  The best time to train plants is during the vegetative stage, during the flowering stage there is little that can be done since the stalks are stronger at this point and the plants won’t be “reaching” for the light as significantly.

Since you are growing in a tent make sure you read up and learn about training techniques for your plants before they get too big!  As a grower, you have a lot of control over the final size and shape. Plant training techniques allow you to create a cannabis plant that grows how you want.

3.  Flowering Stage

Light ON: 12 hours

Light OFF: 12 hours

Light to Plant Distance: 6-12”

Temp Light ON: 20-26 degrees Celsius

Temp Light OFF: 15-21 degrees Celsius

Humidity: 40-50% RH

The duration of the flowering stage is dependent on strain, but it usually takes 7-9 weeks. When the light cycle is changed from 18 to 12 hours the plants will begin transition but will continue to grow in height for the next 2 weeks. 7-10 days before the end of the flower cycle begin the “nutrient flush” to remove built up nutrients in the soil and plants before you harvest. This will give you a better-quality product.

Growing Tips:

  • When growing indoors we recommend training your plants to fill out the width of the grow space
  • Keep temperature and humidity within the recommended guidelines below. It is very important during the flowering stage that humidity is kept low to avoid spoiling the buds with mold
  • The temperature and humidity levels can be monitored by a simple thermometer and hygrometer suspended in the tent
  • The temperature and humidity levels can be controlled by the rate of ventilation, as well as devices you would normally use to control these same conditions in your house (e.g. heaters, air conditioners, humidifiers, etc.)

Below you will find a table summarizing our recommended values for temperature and relative humidity.

Indo Products Recommended Temperature and Relative Humidity

6.     Harvesting, Drying, and Curing

The easiest way to know when the plants are ready harvest is from the pistils (flower hairs) and/or trichomes. Typically, when 60-70% of the hairs have turned color and curled in and the trichomes are milky in colour (when inspected under magnification) the plants are ready, but it is best to research the strain you are using for optimal results.

If you have determined the plants are ready for harvest, follow these steps.

  1. Cut down plants
  2. Cut away all leaves on the stalk and around the buds
  3. Dry buds by hanging the plant or trim from the stalk and lay on a drying rack (a dryer kit with charcoal filter to remove odour can be purchased here)
  4. Once dry, perform the final trim of the leaves and stems
  5. Store in air tight container and periodically open containers to allow for the excess humidity to escape

Drying Tips:

  • A key indicator when the bud is dry and ready to be put into a container is when the stem can “snap” off with no stringy bits coming off the stem
  • Target drying temperature is 15-22oC and 45-55% RH
  • Connect exhaust ducting to exit source (ceiling fan, window, vent)
  • Keep intake vent on the tent open to pull in fresh air

There you have it - 6 easy steps to start growing.  If we have overlooked anything or if you have questions, please visit our website else send a message to

Thanks for reading – Happy Growing! 

Check back soon or follow us for more updates and new product releases.

The Indo Team

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