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Complete Grow Kit - 48"x24"x63" 1680D Grow Tent- DUAL LIGHT 2 x 200W CREE COB + LED with Veg & Bloom Switch -4" Fan and Filter - Nutrient 3-Pack with pH Kit

Complete Grow Kit - 48"x24"x63" 1680D Grow Tent- DUAL LIGHT 2 x 200W CREE COB + LED with Veg & Bloom Switch -4" Fan and Filter - Nutrient 3-Pack with pH Kit

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Indo Complete 48" x 24" Grow Kit includes everything to start growing today in a compact set up for any home grower.  The lighting is powered by 2 x 200W 2-COB+ LED providing 400W actual power with Veg & Bloom to switch to adjust the spectrum during the grow cycle. Veg Cycle - 3000K, Flower - 2700K, Last 1-2 weeks Flush 2500K 

As always Indo grow tents only use the best 1680D fabric and commercial zippers for long lasting durability. The Fan & Filter is whisper quiet 2-speed inline exhaust with activated charcoal carbon filter for odour control. 

Included with all Complete Grow Kits is the Indo Easy Grow System - 500mL 3-pack of Max Nutrients (Grow, Bud, Minerals) with easy to follow feeding schedule from start to finish. 

New Added Bonus! - pH Balancing Kit: 500mL 2-Pack of pH up + Down and pH Digital Pen to ensure the nutrients can be mixed and adjusted to the optimal pH levels for best results. 

Indo support team based out of Vancouver, BC to help with any questions on set up, operation or general growing inquires.

Happy growing! 

The Indo Team


Included in the Box: 

  • 1 - Indo Grow Tent: 48"x24"x63", 1680D Fabric, all steel poles/connectors
  • 2 - Grow Light: 2 x 2-COB CREE + LED array - 200W actual power draw each 
  • 1 - Exhaust Fan: 4" Inline 165CFM 2-Speed
  • 1 - Charcoal Filter: 12" (14" total length) Activated Charcoal carbon filter
  • 1 - Ducting: 16' Black double-layered ducting pre-cut to 4' and 12' lengths
  • 3 - Ducting Clamps: 4" self-adjusting clamps (no screw driver required)
  • 4 - Light Hanger: Adjustable ratchet locking hanger
  • 2 - Timer: 24hr Analog dual plug timer with push down pins (15mins)
  • 1 - Digital Temperature and Humidity Display
  • 1 - 500mL 3-Pack Max Nutrients: Max Grow, Max Bud, Max Minerals 
  • 1 - 500mL 2-Pack pH Balancing Solutions (UP + DOWN) 
  • 1 - pH Digital Pen 
  • 1 - Measuring Cylinder Set: 25mL, 10mL, 2 x 3mL pipette/dropper


Grow Tent

48"x24"x63" 1680D Mylar Grow Tent. Diamond reflective inside, large 13" x 15" observation window. Removable tray for easy cleaning. 3 x exhaust vent options, 2 x Intake vents with mesh screen to keep bugs out. 2 x holes for cable routing. 3 bars for hanging components.  All metal frame and corner connectors. Assemble in minutes! 

Grow Light

2 x 800W CREE 2-COB plus LED light array for superior light intensity and coverage with only 400W combined actual power draw. Includes a Veg & Bloom switch to independently control the COB and LED during the growing cycle. During Veg only use the COB with colour temp 3000K and for flower turn on the additional LED lights for a combined colour temp of 2700K. For the last 1-2 weeks during water flush some growers have found benefits to only having the LED ON with a deeper red spectrum of 2500K  


Fan & Filter

4" Inline Exhaust Fan 165CFM whisper quiet exhaust fan. 30db, 120v, 30W, light weight 1.5KG can easily be mounted to top bar with Zap straps provided. 12" Activated Charcoal Carbon Filter with 4" Duct connection for 14" total length. Includes white pre-filter. 



  • Digital Thermometer and Humidity Display

  • 2 x Dual Plug Analog 24hr Dial Timer with 15-minute interval settings.

  • 4 x adjustable light hangers - 1/8" x 6' adjustable rope, locking ratchets (2 packs of 2)

  • 3 x Self-Adjustable ducting clamps - No screwdriver required! 

  • 6-Plug PowerBar with 1.8M cord 

Plant Nutrients

500mL 3-Pack of Indo MAX Nutrients liquid concentrate plant food. Indo Easy Grow System includes all nutrients to grow high yield plants with a simple to follow feeding schedule from start to finish. 

pH Balancing Kit



  • Ships in 2 compact plain and discrete shipping box approx. combined weight of 60lbs* * weight will vary depending on accessories included. 
  • All orders ship within 2 business day via Canada Post or UPS commercial parcel service with tracking number included** FREE SHIPPING across Canada! 


    • Ideal size for 4-8 Plants depending on growing method used 
    • Standard light cycle 18 hour ON during veg cycle, 12 hours ON to flower
    • Keep plant distance from the light source 12-18" during veg and 6-12" for flower stages
    • Keep intake vents open to draw in fresh air unless using a seperate air intake fan 
    • Exhaust fan should be on for at least the same time as light to keep heat down and air circulating.
    • Clip Fan (optional) can increase air circulation and strengthen stalk and branches. 


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